How does Brexit impact the Caribbean? 

In the first edition of our “Conversations on Development” series, we explore consequences and threats of Brexit for the Caribbean

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Wednesday, May 3

10:00 AM EDT


  • Inder Ruprah, former Regional Economic Advisor, Inter-American Development Bank.
  • Martin Molinuevo, Senior Trade Policy Specialist, World Bank. 
  • Chris Bennett, Managing Director of the Caribbean Council based in London.

What are the takeaways?

  •  What steps do Caribbean countries need to take to ensure beneficial terms with both the UK and the European Union after Brexit.
  •  What are the threats and opportunities in regards to trade and market access, tourism, air service agreements, and financial services sector.
  •  Where is the UK in terms of Brexit. 
  •  What is the future of development assistance from the UK and the EU to the Caribbean?
  •  What are the trade agreements.



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